Pertinent Information About Me

I am a Hellenic Polytheist as well as a Force Realist. As far as I am aware I am the only Hellenic Force Realist out there, which means I should have a unique perspective on the whole Jedi/Sith kit-and-kaboodle as well as on the Hellenic polytheism deal.

I walk an interesting line between morality and amorality and combine different philosophies depending on how they speak to me and what they mean to me.

I was first called to Hellenism in my first year at college. Christianity didn’t suit me anymore (and, in all honesty, hadn’t for years) so I abandoned it (despite the sadness it caused my parents) and searched for another faith/religion. When I found that people were worshipping the Greek pantheon again I felt a distinct “coming home” sensation. I felt like I belonged. Then I found Jediism a few years later and got a similar (but less intense) feeling.

I have been a member of the Jedi community at large for about five years now and a member of the Hellenic community for even longer (though I am no longer active in those circles).

This blog is intended as a catalogue of my thoughts, feelings, and general view of Hellenismos as well as Jediism, Sithism, and Force Realism. I hope to spread awareness and understanding as well, but I am mostly writing this for myself.