Why I Left Jediism

I know it seems funny to start off a blog entitled “Reveries of a Hellenic Jedi” with a post entitled “Why I Left Jediism,” but bear with me.

I dropped “Jediism” for many reasons, but the primary reason is that it wasn’t benefitting me in any way. For the longest time I thought becoming an apprentice would bring about real change. Well, that flopped. (It was my own fault and I’d never suggest my training master was negligent in any way.)

I sat and thought for a minute and realized I had been a part of this Jedi thing for five years and it had hardly influenced me in any meaningful way. Sure, I’d grown up more. I’d developed new beliefs and new ways of thinking, but not as a result of being a Jedi. If anything had influenced me it was the people I met along the way. Those friends that I made were the reason I stuck around in the communities I was a part of.

Now, friends are great. They mean a lot to me and I am thankful I have them. But, Jediism isn’t supposed to be about making friends. It’s supposed to be about bettering oneself in order to better the world around you.

The second reason I discarded Jediism was that there is literally no real definition for or expectation of Jedi or even Knights. Everyone has differing (often conflicting) beliefs and opinions on what a Jedi actually is (to be clear, I mean a real-life Jedi, not the fictional Jedi, everyone knows what those are). That’s fine, the fine details of a belief system/philosophy are always up for debate. The problem is that I’ve never seen even a basic definition of “Jedi” that wasn’t seriously vague and couldn’t apply to almost any religion if “the Force” was removed from it. A large portion of the community seems to have this wishy-washy bullshit about what makes someone a Jedi Knight (or even just a Jedi). There’s almost no accountability. Just about anyone can put in time and (relatively) minor effort and be knighted regardless of whether they are living their life according to Jedi tenets or not. To me, it seems weak and watered down. I have a definite image of what a Jedi Knight is and what it is not and very few “Knights” match up with that in my eyes. (Not that it matters a single iota what I think, I’m not a Knight either and never was.)

Another reason I discarded the title of Jedi is the politics. Every group of people is going to have “political” problems and backbiting and petty squabbles. That being said, shouldn’t we expect better of the people supposed to be teaching us how to be Jedi? Upheaval will happen, people will cause problems, shit happens, but what was done after those upheavals is what distressed me the most. These people that are supposed to be the pinnacle of Jedihood were not behaving like anyone would reasonably expect them to.

So, I left Jediism to explore other aspects of “Force Realism.” I still believe in the Force, but I’m leaning more and more towards “Sithism.” I found that the way I feel and think fits more with that aspect of “Force Realism” than Jediism. Also, I never really viewed being a Jedi as a religious thing. Religiously I am a Hellenic Polytheist, or, perhaps more accurately, a Greek Polytheist. Jediism played a minor role in my philosophy and overall outlook on life, but not any in my religious beliefs. Apart from my belief in the Force (which really isn’t a religious belief per sé) I have little in common with the majority of Jedi when it comes to how I look at the world and life.

So, here I am, a non Jedi writing a blog about Jediism. We’ll see how this goes. My opinions may be rather controversial and rather different from those of the Jedi. If you’re reading, thank you and I hope I have something interesting to say on the topics I choose to cover.


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