Jedi and Current Events

Quoted from a Jedi known as “Senan” at Temple of the Jedi Order on the subject of the recent NFL protests: I think at root of the issue is the idea of disrespect. Many people believe kneeling or sitting during the anthem is disrespectful, but that is an opinion, not a fact. For decades, football […]

The Force Realist Community

The community of believers in the Force is a growing one. As such, many of the groups that have been around longest suffer from growing pains. The leadership is often inconsistent and dictatorial (or at least it is at Temple of the Jedi Order, which is the group I have primarily been a part of […]

My Current Beliefs

As I have mentioned I am a Hellenic/Greek polytheist. I believe in the Ancient Greek Gods. I worship them and they have a profound impact on my life. I live my life in such a way so as to be the best me I can. I am also a moral nihilist. I believe morality is […]

Why I Left Jediism

I know it seems funny to start off a blog entitled “Reveries of a Hellenic Jedi” with a post entitled “Why I Left Jediism,” but bear with me. I dropped “Jediism” for many reasons, but the primary reason is that it wasn’t benefitting me in any way. For the longest time I thought becoming an […]